A project scope and budget is typically done by the Owners prior to the first meeting. Wisdom Inc. Design/Build can then assist with this by applying the practical knowledge of the likely construction system, code requirements, and typical construction costs. Once a program and budget are determined, an estimate of time and scope of project can be provided.  


The first step in the process is to set up a Design Services Agreement. The Design Services Agreement is composed of 5 distinct phases: Initial survey, conceptual design, construction documents, and engineering/permitting and additional services. 

Phase 1: Initial survey – Includes measured CAD drawings of the existing building floor plans, elevations, site plans, and a typical cross section. 20% of overall fee. 

Phase II: Conceptual design – Includes the same drawings as the initial survey, with the proposed scope of work represented. This stage includes 2 meetings with the client to fine tune the design concept. An initial rough cost plan is developed to check design ambitions against the established budget. 30% of overall fee. 

Phase III: Construction documents – Detail design and structural systems are developed. Specification of materials and development of an outline cost plan. 2 meetings with the client are included at this stage. Larger scale layouts and details provided as they apply to the specific needs of the project. 40% of overall fee. 

Phase IV: Engineering and permitting – Drawings will be sent for engineering near the completion of the construction documents. Final revisions to the architectural plans will be made based on the structural engineers requirements. The combined architectural and engineering drawings and engineering calculations are submitted to the City or County for review and permitting. Typically 10% of overall fee. 

Phase V: Additional Services – Wisdom Inc. Design/Build can also prepare a set of drawings or specifications for all interior finishes (i.e. woodwork, countertops, flooring, etc.) and an electrical plan. The cost for interior finish drawings and specifications and the cost for electrical plans are billed on an hourly basis.

Note: Engineering fees and building permit fees are not included in the design fees. The Contractor will verify these fees with the Owner prior to proceeding.